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Lattecrudo Tremosine Cheese

This cheese’s peculiarity resides in the specific production technique that has remained unchanged in time. Such technique envisages a fundamental quality pre-requisite: the use of fresh non-pasteurised milk (that’s why it’s called “latte crudo”, which means raw milk). Specific guidelines to age the cheese must be followed.

Pasteurising milk kills all the bacteria in the raw product, but it also “kills” a good part of the flavour, erasing the original scents and flavours that come from pasture. Cheese produced with non pasteurised, raw milk, will ferment and age thanks to the presence of its original bacteria, that animals gather from the territory and transfer into milk. This specific “bacteria culture”, together with the production technique, makes Lattecrudo Tremosine a truly unique cheese that has no equals.


Latte crudo Stagionato

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