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Formaggella di Monte

A fundamental ingredient to make the “Polenta tiragna”, typical product of Valsabbia, the “formaggella di Monte” is obtained from whole milk from cows. It has a semi-cooked dough and an average aging of 20-30 days. For its production, 27,000 forms, about 5,000 quintals of milk a year are needed. The Formaggella di Monte has a diameter of around 20 cm and a weight of around 2 kg. It has a cylinder shape. Its dough is compact, but soft and creamy, it has a delicate taste of milk and yoghurt and a very delicate odour.

Product description

Cheese made with whole milk from cows, with semi-cooked dough and medium aging.(about 20-30 days)


Pasteurised milk, rennet, salt and milk ferments

Diameter 20 cm
2 – 2.1 Kg
Compact dough , soft and creamy.

Organic characteristics::

Flavour: sweet, of milk and yoghurt
Odour: delicate.
Colour: white

Nutrition facts:

Fat:  26%  - 48%
Proteins:  23.4% - 42.7%  
Humidity: 45,5%
Ashes:  4%  - 7.3%
Carbohydrates:   1.1%  -  2%
Calories:   1380 KJ / 100gr
332 KCAL / 100gr

Microbiological characteristics

C.B.T., Listeria monocytogenes, Coliformi, Sthapilococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Aflatossine:

Respecting and inferior tolimits imposed by lawDPR 54/97



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